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Buffalo Cricket

The Bovini | 2024

The Bovini | 2024

Our junior bat - this is an absolute rocket.

Available in Harrow, size 6, size 5 or size 4. Please specify which size you'd like when you order.

Available in grades 1 and 2, this bat is made in our players profile shape.

Bovini specs:

The Bovini has a mid middle and comes in weights from 2.3-2.6. Please specify the weight you'd like when you order.

Bovini specs:

4/6 piece handle
Size: Your choice
Edges: 30-25mm
Spine: 58+mm
Toe: 20mm+
Shoulder: 18mm+
Semi-oval handle
4.5-5mm cambered face

Cricket Bat shown in the photo is a grade 1 but is also available in grade 2..

When you order, please specify the weight you'd like in the comments section.

When you purchase a Buffalo bat, that is confirmation you have read, understood, and agreed to our bat warranty.

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