Cricket bat care

Cricket bat care


Congratulations - you have now acquired a Buffalo bat. Welcome to the herd. So what’s next? To ensure the bat is 100% ready to play with, it’s important to take various steps before you go into the nets or out to the middle.


Each Buffalo bat is individually pressed, as we evaluate each cleft to determine the precise pressure needed for optimal performance.


Maintain your bat's condition throughout its lifespan by storing it in a bat cover within your cricket bag when not in use. While all bats are susceptible to cracking due to repeated impacts, protective measures like fibreglass tape should be considered.


Oiling uncovered bats is essential for moisture maintenance and crack prevention. Apply light coats to the face, edge, toe, and back, avoiding stickers and the splice area. After 24 hours, remove excess oil, lightly sand the face, and reapply a thin coat.


When properly oiled, the bat fibres should become pliable, and the face and edges will exhibit denting rather than cracking during the knocking-in procedure.


Before heading to the nets or a game, perform knocking in and test the blade against an old ball in a light net session. If the face blemishes or dents easily, further knocking is required.


You should begin by initially using the bat in practice nets with an old ball. Under no circumstances should the bat be utilised in actual match conditions within two weeks of purchase.


Under no circumstances should a bat be used in a match before completing the recommended steps, including at least six hours of knocking in. For any concerns please contact us.


Bat care throughout the season:


Regularly sand down the bat's blade using fine sandpaper, and reapply a thin layer of bat oil to maintain suppleness and prevent drying out.


It is crucial to avoid over-oiling the bat, as this can result in a loss of responsiveness and reduced performance. As a general guideline, refrain from applying more than four light coats per year.


Each delivery from the bowler that strikes the bat's toe or edge carries a risk of causing damage. Even with careful adherence to the knocking-in process, cricket bats are not engineered to last forever. There is no set timeframe for how long a bat will maintain full working order.


Bat storage:


DO: Keep in a cool, dry location like a shed or garage, allowing the bat to absorb a minimal amount of moisture from the atmosphere. We advise keeping your bat in a bat cover when not being used.


DO NOT: Store in areas prone to heat, such as near radiators, boilers, windows, or fireplaces. Excessive heat can lead to the drying out of the wood, making it more susceptible to damage.

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