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Buffalo Cricket

Buffalo batting pads | Reserve

Buffalo batting pads | Reserve

Introducing the pinnacle of cricket leg protection: the Buffalo Reserve Batting Pads. Meticulously engineered with a round cane design and a fusion of foam and cane shin protection, these pads offer unparalleled defence against all forms of bowling, ensuring you stay confident at the crease.

Crafted with precision, the Buffalo Reserve Batting Pads feature a shorter tophat design, guaranteeing a snug fit against upper thigh protection, enhancing mobility and comfort during those crucial moments in the game. The full cane tophat provides additional reinforcement, giving you peace of mind knowing your thighs are shielded from impact.

Experience supreme comfort with the extra-wide padded straps and additional buckle padding, designed to minimise pressure points and maximise comfort during those long innings. The split knee locator, coupled with the internal knee cup, delivers ultra-protection to your knees, allowing you to focus solely on your performance without worrying about injury.

Unrivalled in design, the Buffalo Reserve Batting Pads boast a deeper instep with added protection for lower seating over the foot, ensuring comprehensive coverage and safeguarding against unexpected deliveries. With gel protection for the knee roll, these pads are lightweight but also provide superior protection and wraparound comfort, giving you the confidence to take on any bowler.

The oversized wing further enhances protection, wrap-around, and comfort, ensuring you can face even the fiercest bowlers with unwavering confidence. Adorned with contemporary branded embroidery on the padded and towelled straps, these pads exude style and sophistication on the field.

Despite their formidable defence, the Buffalo Batting Pads weigh just 840g in adult size, offering lightweight agility without compromising on protection. Each pair of pads comes with a protective cloth pouch, keeping them looking pristine and separate from other gear in your bag, so you can focus on your game without any distractions.

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