£255.00 - £280.00
  • The VDM

Our new range for 2023 - the VDM. Blackout has given way to Whiteout with a twist, and we love it.

Knocked in, ready to play!

Based off the extremely popular Bubalina, this bat has a lighter pick up, thicker edges and a slightly thicker toe.

The bat has a mid-sweet spot, and, with the distribution of weight expertly crafted, it ensures the perfect feel.

The VDM has pronounced edges which give maximum value for shots alongside a full profile.

Weight between 2.7-2.9

VDM features:

• Full profile
• Expertly pressed to ensure optimum performance guaranteeing maximum ping.
• Mid sweet spot
• Picks up lighter than the bat’s deadweight which helps generate power and bat speed.
• Rounded edges
• Huge edges (40mm at peak) to match the spine.
• Swell depth: Up to 66mm
• Toe: Square/semi-square