£255.00 - £280.00
  • Bubalina

One of the most popular bats in the range. The pick-up on the Bubalina is outstanding.

'Duckbill' shaped adding essential depth and mass of wood through the bat’s core to ensure a featherlight pickup. There's plenty of wood in the 'hitting' area.

Made for the touch player that also enjoys a long hit every now and then.

The distribution of weight on the Bubalina is so that they pick up lighter than the deadweight of the bat.

Weight between 2.7-2.10

Bubalina features:

• Full profile
• Pressed for maximum ping and optimum performance
• Mid sweet spot
• Lower balance point to generate power and bat speed - picking up lighter than the bat’s deadweight.
• Flat face
• Rounded edges
• Large edges (40mm)
• Swell depth: Up to 66mm
• Toe: Square/semi-square

Available in Grade I English willow only - with a fitted grip.

Our bats are pre-knocked in, however we recommended you doing your own knocking until you're 100% happy or get the bat fully knocked with our knocking in service for £25 which see the bat match ready.

Handcrafted English willow.

We can custom-make your bats on demand. Drop us an email or a direct message to discuss.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns on used products. We will accept a return if the product is returned in the same condition it's received in.

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