Bat Warranty

Our bats are made from the finest English willow but understand, on occasions, you may experience a problem or an issue with the bat as it's a natrual product. We’re here to try and resolve those issues as quickly as possible and are only a DM / email away to help out.

First of all we recommended you doing your own knocking as well until you’re 100% happy going out to the middle - we pre-knock but each customer is different. Keepy uppys / mallet hits and throwdowns with soft balls.


Like anything that’s used consistently, the 'mileage' of a cricket bat depends on how often you’re hitting, how many balls you’re hitting and how hard you hit them. There is no definitive length of time that a cricket bat will last. The condition of a bat deteriorates with use. For example, if you edge a ball the first time you use the bat, you may well see a crack, it's the same with any bat.

Some common causes of bat damage which are not covered by the warranty:

1. Split or cracked toe caused by digging out a Yorker
2. High impact damage to the edges/shoulder
3. Use of low quality cricket balls (very hard balls with high seams resulting in excessive point impact damage)
4. Water damage


All new of our cricket bats are covered by a 6-month warranty covering manufacturing faults that are not the customer's fault which include the following


1. Handle Breakage.

2. Horizontal split due to willow defect such as storm damage.

3. Delamination

4. Blade splittage


Our warranty is a 'goodwill agreement' and subject to bat inspection.


All warranty decisions are at the discretion of Buffalo Cricket.


Our warranty covers all manufacturing and material defects caused by reasonable use. We will offer a free replacement period wherein our opinion; we deem it applicable.


This warranty covers all repairs required that are caused as a result of reasonable use of the Buffalo Cricket bat. The warranty does not cover:


Any damage to the toe as this is the weakest area of the bat and repeated impact will cause inevitable damage.


Surface damage to the face, edge or toe that occurs due to a lack of preparation inaccurate play.


Damage due to moisture or extreme heat, or damage that occurs because of improper use or storage (wet / damp)


Damage resulting from the use of non-leather or composite balls, including bowling machine balls.

Our bats are pressed on the face of the blade. The edges and toe aren't pressed (I don't think there's a manufacturer in the world that presses these parts of the bat). Therefore, suitable play is down to the batsman. Damage to the toe or edges is no fault of Buffalo Cricket.

We pride ourselves on customer service. 

If you suffer any damage to the toe or edges, please get in touch and we'll look to deal with it appropriately (out of goodwill we will most likely offer you a refurb, but should that fault reoccur, we will be unable to assist and the bat owner will need to cover their own repair). We think that's 100% fair as we cannot control how the bats are used.




Your household insurance policy may cover damage to your cricket bat. If in doubt, consult your insurer